Sunday, 9 November 2008

Mr Saxon References

Series 1:


Series 2:


Series 3:
  • The Runaway Bride - Tank Commander opens fire on the Empress of the Racnoss under orders from Mr. Saxon
  • Smith and Jones - During a news report, "All this just goes to prove Mr Saxon right", is said.
  • Smith and Jones - When Martha meets the Doctor in an alleyway, there's a poster behind her saying "Vote Saxon"
  • Gridlock - The Face of Boe tells the Doctor that "You Are Not Alone", later being an acronym for Professor "Yana" (The Master in disguise)
  • The Lazarus Experiment - Martha's sister, Tish Jones is working as Professor Lazarus' assistant, who is working for Mr. Saxon
  • The Lazarus Experiment - A man tells Martha's mother something about the Doctor which makes her call Martha and says ".. This information comes from Harold Saxon himself!"
  • The Lazarus Experiment - The logo's on the outside Lazarus' Lab, and on the walls inside, are very alike the Gallifreyan text on the TARDIS monitor
  • 42 - Mr. Saxon's agents trace Francine's call to Martha and Archangel is seen on Martha's phone display
  • Human Nature/The Family of Blood - The Doctor uses a Chameleon Arch, which is also used by the Master in Utopia
  • Human Nature/The Family of Blood - When Tim Latimer opened the fob watch, the Doctor's voice can be heard saying "You Are Not Alone"
  • Utopia - Professor Yana opens his fob watch and reveales his Time Lord self, when he is in the Tardis and is talking to the Doctor and his companions, Martha recognises his voice as Harold Saxon
  • The Sound of Drums
  • Last of the Time Lords

Series 4



duckman said...

in an episode of torchwood there is a vote saxon poster on a church door

Alexander said...

There is one in Series 2 on the newspaper that the Absorbaloff is readin it says "Mr Saxon ahead in the polls"